In concert - Flea and Tom Waits
The Chilli Peppers bassist and gravelly voiced American icon have both recorded exclusive compositions to play on our automated baby grand piano. Twice daily.
Graffiti masterclass with @lushsux
(the artist formerly known as LUSH) 20th - 22nd October. A very special package comprising two nights at the hotel in the company of "the world’s most entertaining vandal" who'll run a workshop, answer your questions, take you to a fresh piece of wall, help you paint a masterpiece and then escort you to dinner.. Limited availability and likely to contain adult themes. $200 per person + room rate. Register here.
Football on our (very) big screen
Select matches from La Liga and the Premier League are now projected live onto the separation wall. See reception for further details.
Museum, Gallery and Piano Bar open to non-residents every day from 11am


from 8 -10pm


Local musicians playing
Jazz and 'soft romance’
The Presidential Suite is now half price for non-presidents.